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Tiletamine HCl belongs to the cyclohexamine group of dissociative agents and zolazepam is a benzodiazepine related to diazepam and midazolam. The combination is manufactured as a lyophilized powder that can be added to water, saline or 5% dextrose for reconstitution. The resulting solution is clear with a pH of 2.0–3.5.


Tiletamine hcl is a non-competitive N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonist chemically related to ketamine and phencyclidine. A common veterinary anesthetic drug, Tiletamine hcl is currently a Schedule III controlled substance in USA. This compound exerts sedative effects in humans and animals, also having an abuse potential, toxicity and dissociative hallucinogenic properties clinically. In combination with benzodiazepine, zolazepam it is used as veterinary drug, called as telazol.

What is Tiletamine Hydrochloride?

Telazol (Tiletamine hcl) is a nonnarcotic, nonbarbiturate, injectable anesthetic agent, which is indicated in cats for restraint or for anesthesia combined with muscle relaxation and in dogs for restraint and minor procedures of short duration (30 min) requiring mild to moderate analgesia. Tiletamine exerts sedative effects in humans and animals, also having an abuse potential, toxicity and dissociative hallucinogenic properties clinically.

How long does Tiletamine Hcl Last in the body?

Tiletamine hcl was a potent and reversible antagonist of NMA-mediated responses without itself having major effects in low concentrations on normal membrane and synaptic pyramidal cell properties. Effects of tiletamine on synaptic transmission and on direct excitatory responses to exogenous amino acids were examined in rat hippocampal and striatal slices. In striatal slices, tiletamine inhibited the NMA-mediated, but not the spontaneous, release of [3H]acetylcholine, with an IC50 of 70 nM. In hippocampal CA1 cells, 3 microM tiletamine in the perfusate reversibly blocked the intracellularly recorded responses to ionophoretically applied NMA, but not to glutamate, quisqualate and kainate.

Where to get Cyclohexanones Hcl?

Tiletamine hcl, 3 to 100 microM, had no effect on the orthodromically elicited excitatory postsynaptic potential, action potential amplitude or duration, resting membrane potential, or input resistance. In Mg++-free perfusate, the excitatory postsynaptic potential was greatly augmented to give a paroxysmal depolarization shift and was reversibly blocked by 10 microM tiletamine.

When to use Tiletamine/zolazepam

Tiletamine hcl/zolazepam (Telazol™) has been used as an anesthetic for rats. A mixture of tiletamine and zolazepam, it is presented as a powder for reconstitution. Used alone, at doses of 20 to 40 mg/kg, Telazol™ produces 30 to 60 minutes of surgical anesthesia, but corneal, pedal and swallowing reflexes are retained, so the assessment of anesthetic depth is difficult. The addition of xylazine greatly improves the analgesia produced, but results in marked cardiovascular depression, and the addition of butorphanol also increases analgesia but at the cost of variable respiratory depression (Ward et al., 1974; Silverman et al., 1983; Wilson et al., 1993). Given the cost of Telazol™, its relatively short shelf life following reconstitution, and questionable analgesia there seems little reason to use it in preference to the  ketamine mixtures described above.

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