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Pyrazolam Tablets, it is a Benzodiazepine discovered and Came to the RC market in the early 2010s. At lower doses it is mainly an anxiolytic compound, yet at higher doses can be quite sedating, hypnotic, amnesic, and can cause loss of inhibitions. Structurally similar to Alprazolam, Bromazepam, and Triazolam. Is 12x as potent as Diazepam.


Pyrazolam (SH-I-04) is a benzodiazepine derivative originally developed by a team led by Leo Sternbach at Hoffman-La Roche in the 1970s. Pyrazolam Pills has since been “rediscovered” and sold as a designer drug since 2012.

What is Pyrazolam?

Pyrazolam has structural similarities to alprazolam and bromazepam. Unlike other benzodiazepines, pyrazolam does not appear to undergo metabolism, instead being excreted unchanged in the urine. It is most selective for the α2 and α3 subtypes of the GABAA receptor.

How to Use Pirazolam Tablets

Pyrazolam Tablets, It should be noted that the sudden discontinuation of benzodiazepines can be potentially dangerous or life-threatening for individuals using regularly for extended periods of time, sometimes resulting in seizures or death. It is highly recommended to taper one’s dose by gradually lowering the amount taken each day for a prolonged period of time instead of stopping abruptly.

How does Pyrazolam Solution reacts in the body?

Subjective effects include sedationanxiety suppressionmuscle relaxationdisinhibition, and euphoria. Pyrazolam is reported to produce comparably greater amounts of sedation and less euphoria than other benzodiazepines, limiting its recreational use.

How long should i take Pirazolam Pills?

Pyrazolam Benzodiazepines are habit-forming and can produce mental and physical dependence with continued use. It is strongly advised to use harm reduction practices if using this substance.

What are the side effects of Pyrazolam Tablets?

Pyrazolam Pills overdose may occur when a benzodiazepine is taken in extremely heavy quantities or concurrently with other depressants. This is particularly dangerous with other GABAergic depressants such as barbiturates and alcohol since they work in a similar fashion, but bind to distinct allosteric sites on the GABAA receptor, thus their effects potentiate one another.

When to Used Pyrazolam Pills?

Although many drugs are safe on their own, they can become dangerous and even life-threatening when combined with other substances. The list below contains some common potentially dangerous combinations, but may not include all of them, Depressants, Dissociatives, Stimulants. Certain combinations may be safe in low doses of each but still increase the potential risk of death.

How to treat Pirazolam overdose

Symptoms of Pyrazolam overdose may include severe thought decelerationslurred speechconfusiondelusionsrespiratory depression, coma or death. Benzodiazepine overdoses may be treated effectively in a hospital environment, with generally favorable outcomes. Benzodiazepine overdoses are sometimes treated with flumazenil, a GABAA antagonist, however care is primarily supportive in nature.

How to take Pyrazolam with other drugs?

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